Let me take your picture

Anyone who knows me can tell you this is the type of picture I don’t take. It’s also the type of picture I don’t publish. Oddly enough, I’ve noticed my best artistic endeavors are those that take me out of character.

As a snarky teenager I was presented with the assignment of writing a piece of short fiction to be entered in a school competition. It was for honors English 11. I was the kid all the brainiacs thought didn’t belong in that class. They were a nauseating lot. When the assignment was given out, they all started chattering about who was likely to win. I didn’t hear my name mentioned.

That school year Mrs. Weyant made us write something every day. I’d pretty much written what I thought were funny political pieces. They probably weren’t very funny, and I know they weren’t very good. Something about the arrogance of my fellow classmates made me just want to teach them a lesson, so I wrote a really sentimental and somewhat humorous teen love story.

Submitting it Monday morning I remember it feeling just like the moment the ball makes contact with the bat on a 400-foot shot. I knew I’d nailed it. And I knew the pointy heads would be stunned when I won. (I did, and the piece went on to win honorable mention in the county competition. It lost to a story about a dying grandmother. Beaten at my own game I had to tip my hat to the girl who won.)

This photo is a lot like that essay. It’s absolutely the kind of thing I never shoot. But sometimes you just have to prove you can pull it off if you have to.

Oh, and you pointy heads out there… don’t underestimate me. Thirty years later I still don’t like you and live to put you in your place.

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2 Thoughts on “Let me take your picture

  1. Ah, now this pointy head understands how we relate. 🙂

  2. Jim Feeley on November 18, 2011 at 12:55 pm said:

    Frank, this is a wonderful story and lesson.

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