Reflection on reflections

If you live in Boston, in fact if you have ever been in Boston, you likely have a version of this image somewhere in your personal photo archive. I shot this about eight years ago in all its 5.1 megapixel glory. The light was good, the colors saturated.

Every time I’ve come across the image, I’ve thought, “I really should do something with this.” Today I did. I rotated the it, boosted the contrast, and subdued the saturation. It’s not high art, but it’s no longer a postcard. It has a certain timelessness to it. This image could have been shot 31 years ago when I first came to live in Boston as a BU student. Or it could have been shot last week as I was once again heading to the BU campus – only now, it’s to teach.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the familiar.  

Random 365 #23
0riginally uploaded to Flickr by Frank Capria.

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