About Frank Capria

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I could say I’ve been in the media and entertainment business since 1976 when I got my first paper route, but in reality the odyssey began in the mid-1980s. Not one for Chinese proverbs, I believe I’ve been blessed to live in interesting times. I began my career as an editor just as documentary post production at WGBH was moving from film to video, and I stuck around long enough to play a very active role in the transition to non-linear post.

Since then I’ve taught, written about, and founded companies in the media creation space. I’ve tried to escape on numerous occasions, but I keep coming back. I can’t help it. I love this stuff, and I love helping others to make more of this stuff.

These days I’m manage a small, independent consulting firm that assists media technology companies. My near decade at Avid gave me a very broad view of the media technology space and its customers’ needs. The opinions expressed here are mine and only mine. They do not represent the views of my clients.

This blog is about nothing in particular. My plan is for it to remain an eclectic mix… kind of like a mental iPod on shuffle.