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From Stone Age to Phone Age

It’s high school graduation season. I’m at that age where friends, family, and colleagues are celebrating. There’s a timelessness to graduations. At every ceremony I’m reminded of my graduation. Look in the face of any kid in cap and gown and you’ll see your friends’ faces from years ago. But look down a few inches and there’s something new – the phone. It’s the all-consuming device. Kids don’t have conversations any more. They simply get together and use their phones in the same physical location.

The data streams they create and process are simply amazing. Thousands of text messages and hundreds of images per month, and perhaps dozens of videos. Like our grandparents with their Polaroid cameras, most of the images receive no further processing – point, shoot, share. No Photoshop, no iMovie. Just send. And this is where it gets interesting because now we see the rise of apps such as Hipstamatic. Many have mused that just as the cameras in our phones became capable of producing decent images, a generation of tools specializing in degrading those images emerges. Seems crazy.

Hipstamatic allowed me to set the eery mood of this swamp in the field rather than having to load it on my Mac and tweak it in Photoshop.

As a software designer for today’s content creators and an instructor to the next next generation of creators, I look at it differently. There are now creative tools that allow the artist to look at an image and decide the look to apply at the moment of capture. It’s understood that the Hipstamatic or Instagram shooter has forfeited access to a raw file to process in Photoshop, but that’s not much of a forfeiture when the image was unlikely to be processed anyway.

These tools add a degree of creativity back into the photographic process that was lost in the era of one button to Facebook simplicity. Personally, I’m enjoying these gimmicky tools, and I’m finding they often do a pretty damn good job helping me realize my vision.


Old tractor

Oh, how many times I’ve shot tractors. And how many shots I’ve blown. This one came out OK. I’m sticking with the vehicle theme for another day on my 365 project.

Originally uploaded to Flickr by Frank Capria
Also at Google+ Random 365 #41

Old Pickup

An old pickup parked outside a bookstore in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I color corrected this image to convey the heat and humidity of Arkansas in July. Even in stickiest weather, Eureka Springs is one of my favorite little cities in the world. It’s a hangout for bikers, GLBT folks, and fundamentalist Christians.

Originally uploaded to Flickr by Frank Capria
Also at Google+ Random 365 #40

My Chemical Romance

Everything, absolutely everything is wrong with this photo, but it captures the moment perfectly. It screams rock and roll. Low fidelity, noisy, over saturated, and unsophisticated, but full of raw energy. I just love this crappy image from My Chemical Romance at the House of Blues and really great night out with my daughter. I’ll never be a great photographer, but I’ll always have great photos.

Originally uploaded to Flickr by Frank Capria
Also at Google+ Random 365 #39

Declining magesty

I rarely aspire to symmetry in my photos, but this old gent demanded to be the center of attention. Even the dying grasses bow to his declining majesty.

Originally uploaded to Flickr by Frank Capria
Also at Google+ Random 365 #38

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