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Light reading September 29, 2013

Articles of interests to techs, geeks, and capitalists.

It appears Android has overtaken iOS in unit numbers of, but declarations of the iOS demise would be premature. If Apple spun out its iPhone business it alone would be ranked 10th based on revenue in the S&P 500. Bloomberg has compiled a slew of other iPhone fun facts.

This would be humorous if it wasn’t so creepy. The NSA can scan our social network, phone, email, and travel itineraries, but a federal judge allows a class action suit against Google to proceed because Gmail’s ad serving technology might violate federal wiretapping laws.

As baseball’s regular season winds down, Jonathan Mahler of the New York Times asks why such a wildly successful enterprise like Major League Baseball feels so irrelevant. Could it be that TV killed baseball? Is the Game Over?

And finally, the obligatory Breaking Bad reference. This Economist column favorably compares the lessons learned from Walter White to a Harvard B-school MBA.

Science policy of the candidates

Slashdot has been reporting on the science policies of John McCain and Barack Obama. I thought gathering it in one place would be useful.

  • 2008 presidential candidate responses to a survey by Scientists and Engineers for America
  • Ars Technica article on the positions of key advisers to the campaigns in the area of science and technology. This includes the issue of immunity for telecoms cooperating with government wiretapping programs, net neutrality, and H1-B visas.

The Ars Technica article is likely of more interest to this audience, though it includes no direct quotes from the candidates.

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