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Adobe releases Media Player beta

The beta version of Adobe’s Media Player is now available. Originally announced in April at NAB, the beta was announced at MAX 2007. [Links at the bottom of post]

Adobe Media Player playing Apple’s “1984″ ad

Make no mistake. This will be big. Expect AMP to exceed QuickTime penetration numbers within 18-24 months of its 1.0 release. Pairing FLV with H.264 is the holy grail web video and IPTV. The skinning and AIR application possibilities will open up a new generation of video distribution.

AIR vs. Silverlight. Adobe Media Player vs. iTunes. We’re in for some interesting times. It’s interesting to note that Adobe has previously avoided competing directly with Microsoft, but perhaps the company feels the time is right. Adobe’s even taken the first baby step towards taking on Office with its purchase of Buzzword.


To make certain that AMP receives the attention Adobe hopes it will generate, the company also introduced nine media content partners. Of the Big 3 networks, CBS is the only one to commit so far. With NBC still out trying to find itself and its best method of delivery, and ABC firmly in the Steve Jobs camp, it may be some time before all Big 3 networks join the AMP ecosystem.

PBS is also one of the partners, which means some very high-quality content will be available to showcase AMP’s capabilities. The media & marketing firm Meredith Corporation, also was announced as partner, but the rest of the list reads like a who’s who of online video: Yahoo! Video,,, Motionbox, MyToons, and StimTV.

Adobe Media Player Wiki

Adobe Media Player Download

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