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Has consumer cloud-based editing arrived?

Recently I was sent a link to an article about JayCut.com. Because I work for a publicly traded company that develops non-linear editors of both the executable and cloud-based kind, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to get into the specifics of any vendor’s software design or business model. Anyone who saw Avid’s web-based editing demo at NAB or last May’s Editors Lounge has seen Avid’s vision of what editing in the cloud can be.

Long before taking up NLE design as a vocation I was enamored with the idea true “online” editing. Years ago I was a fan of JumpCut — the online editor eventually bought, then shuttered by Yahoo!

JayCut UI

JayCut's UI is similar to those of consumer-facing online editors before it. Is its fate going to be similar too?

If Yahoo! couldn’t jump start JumpCut, what would make a someone attempt a consumer-facing web-based NLE again? The world has changed a lot since 2006 when I first encountered JumpCut. Here are just a few of the shifts that might make a consumer-facing NLE viable.

  • Smart phones are the new camcorder. Nearly everyone under 35 has a phone capable of recording video. Assuming an unlimited data plan, sending even large files to the cloud is a lot easier than waiting to get home and tethering the phone to a PC to download videos. (JayCut can only do this from Android phones currently.)
  • Facebook and YouTube are the de facto publishing platforms of the Millennials. They don’t make DVDs. They don’t even do email. If they want to edit their video, they will want to do it where their video lives.
  • Cisco with its Flip cameras and other online players are interested in consumer video to drive traffic and revenue. Linksys + Flip = Lots of Cisco hardware being sold to ISPs.

Unlike JumpCut, JayCut is not a pure consumer play. It offering includes video distribution software and services for business, differentiating itself from Brightcove somewhat as a tool for online collaboration. (Mashups with a more adult-sounding name.)

Also entering this space is Kaltura.com/.org — an open source online video editing and distribution platform with a nifty WordPress plug-in to boot. Kaltura will host your applications and content, and also allows for DIY on your own server. The Kaltura player also allows for collaboration. Blog admins can set permissions for user to add, comment, and edit videos embedded in a blog post.

Perhaps these tools are still ahead of their time. But if not 2010, when?

Totally cool browser-based NLE

I haven’t gotten around to cutting my trailer on JumpCut.com. I’ve spent a couple of minutes here and there on the site, but I haven’t been totally thrilled with the performance of the video playback. It reminds me of Google Video’s performance when it launched. Nor have I been able to master the JumpCut interface. Grabbing, sets, etc. don’t quite work for someone used to working with projects, sequences, and bins. I guess I’m just not Web 2.0 enough. Call me a Web 1.5 guy.

Click image for larger view.

But this interface totally rocks. I registered, logged in, and was cutting in seconds. It’s a great editing interface. Clean, simple, and responsive. Of course the SFiFF (everything needs a lowercase i somewhere in its name) Remixer has limited the available pool of media, so searching and organizing are vastly simpler tasks. Still, it’s a hell of an interface.

Thanks to Bradley Horowitz for responding to an earlier entry. I discovered the Remixer project through his blog, and appreciate the value left in his wake.

Jump starting JumpCut.com

For those of you with time on your hands looking for a free Windows workstation and a trip to California, RES Magazine and JumpCut.com have a contest for you.

May 16th, 2006 (New York, NY) RES Magazine has teamed up with Warner Independent Pictures, Microsoft, and Jumpcut.com to produce A Scanner Darkly Remix Contest. RES Magazine is announcing its call for entries for contestants to recut, remix or remake the film trailer for the upcoming Richard Linklater feature film A Scanner Darkly, based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, opening July 7th, 2006. The winner will receive trip for two to the film’s U.S. Premiere and a Microsoft Windows professional video editing workstation.

JumpCut’s a mashup service with what appear to be pretty cool online editing tools. Having spent so much of my career as an Avid editor, editing through a Web browser is not something I would consider recreation. I admit that I haven’t actually tried to edit anything through JumpCut. Sadly, the contest doesn’t require participants to use JumpCut to edit their submissions. Somehow I doubt the winner will be JumpCut-generated.

More on JumpCut:

Jumpcut.com is the Internet’s first fully featured video editor, letting users make movies completely online. Jumpcut.com users can upload their own media, grab shared media from other users, make amazing movies and publish instantly. Since everything is online, when Jumpcut.com users update their movies, changes are applied instantly to all published copies. Jumpcut.com also lets users remix other people’s public movies, enabling real-time video collaboration within online communities. Jumpcut.com makes the internet a creative playground.

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