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Beach pines in black and white

These pine branches were just off the beach near Freeport in the Bahamas. The light was really harsh, and even though the glare in the water is a little clipped towards the center, I still like it. It’s probably not a shot I’m going to print and hang on the wall, but it’s interesting enough to keep around.

Like other creative efforts, the artist doesn’t really know if he connects with it because it stands on its own, or if it’s because it’s come so far from what it was.

Originally uploaded to Flickr by Frank Capria

Also at Google+ Random 365 #32

Counting the crows

Sometimes it’s what I was doing just before or just after I snapped the picture that elicits an emotional response in me. I caught this just before embarking on a customer visit to some Hollywood editors. It was my first time seeing them since my surgery, and I was really touched by the outpouring of good wishes I’d received from them during my recovery. I rarely edit professionally these days. My photography is my main creative outlet now. It just felt good to attempt something creative before heading out to see these folks.

Originally uploaded to Flickr by Frank Capria
Also at Google+ Random 365 #31

Trampled under foot

The Norway maples dropped most of their leaves this week. These non-indigenous trees are taking over New England woodlands, pushing out the sugar and red maples. As the years go on, these will become the dominant hues of autumn in these parts. Nothing’s forever. When I was a kid Dutch Elms and White Ash were common. When my parents were kids American Chestnut forests covered North America.

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Or originally uploaded to Flickr by Frank Capria

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